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The main gate of the scenic area

from:西峡县旅游局 | update:2013-10-13

A magnificent majestic stone arch with near and in front, tall door flanked by two four square columns, the top left and right carving a dragon at the top, two middle, carved dragon, we are descendants of the dragon, now here to see the flying dragon posture, be full of excitement., be filled with a thousand regrets, old world ridge virgin forests, its rings to witness the history of the development and changes! 

Look at the old range Jiepai square column on the left book "critical Ling holy overview of natural scenery", the right book "Deng Fu Niu pole top overlooking the Central Plains landscape", a horizontal scroll bearing an inscription: "old range". A calligrapher chairman Zhang Hai writing poetic couplet font vigorous, simple font in the eyes shining, bright Sheng Hui, could not help but make people fear, that a flick font seems to be the old range of vast Linhai and casting.

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