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Origin of Funiu Mountain

from:西峡县旅游局 | update:2013-10-12

Funiu mountain name origin and the originator of Taoism Lao Tzu riginga blue Lier,and his cattle are closely linked. 

According to legend,long ago, in the northwest Henan wide piece of the vast wilderness of the forests in the Miao,bison flocks.They often come and go,nuisance farmhouse,destroying crops,no one can stop the won,Words to the late Zhou Dynasty,I resign because of corruption in the royal government could not understand the way westbound,accidental capture of a buffalo,was put down from the land of cattle suffering from the Central Plains.That day,I hurry with the nunnery was,behind the wind Hu Hu Hu Wen,Tisheng Tata,smoke filled the air,often billed as a look,a froup of running bison are moving forward to channeling.I heart a meter,busy with the nunnery stealth tree, when a tall,big,blue cattle passing from the tree,I jump jump,just tall blue cattle since I found a ride to it,instantly became tame them, orjumped,and did not jump,you call it go,it went away,you call it stopped,it stopped in front of gentleness i humble,with a first ear.It is said to a god of cattle Daoxing five thousand years,ever since i encountered it has become immortal.From that point on,all the Central Plains bison originally disobedient,it seems to be a tame show,as one after another abandoned evul from good,for people to pull plow faring,became man's best friend.Moreover,i alse rode the blue cattle head in the Hangu Pass was closed so that Yin Xi wrote the lengthy 5000 statement to regain "Dap De Jing",the westbound Chu quietly on his way south through a pack to the Laojun hole seclusion down,and on this pass through,sermons,cultivation,and health.Now,not only Laojun holes and I are riding in this habitat Qing Qing Niu Niu hole still remains,but also in cattle after I tame the blue,the original unknown mounatain from named Funiu Mountain. 

 Momentum Funiushan the sky,and rain,followed by 800 years,but also the birthplace of Taoism because I make it shiny,becoming China's central plains on the one bright pearl.

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