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Dinosaur Park Ruins

from:西峡县旅游局 | update:2013-10-12

Water town Xixia County Dan China Xixia dinosaur Relics Park is located in Qinling Mountains mountains, south of the Funiu Mountain in Henan Province, mainly by the geological science square, Museum of dinosaur egg fossils, dinosaur museum, site of dinosaur eggs, dinosaur park simulation, Carnival amusement park and the long water park, is a collection of popular science, sightseeing, entertainment, scientific research on the whole, the original and modern integrated large dinosaur theme park. 

Xixia dinosaur relics, belong to the Cretaceous rift basin, have been found in the fossil eggs to 8 families and 11 genera 15 species. Especially Xixia giant elongated prismatic egg egg and Gobi, the world rare fossil eggs, is the symbol of Xixia. Xixia unearthed fossils of dinosaur eggs, large quantity, variety, wide distribution, preservation of good, is known as the "world's most", known as following the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor Terracotta Army after "the Ninth Wonder of the world". Xixia dinosaur relics mysterious veil with dinosaur fossils have been found to be gradually opened. 

The earth move. These by nature to create, fossil writing the most beautiful written records of the evolution of ancient life, process of geological environment, provides valuable information for our scientific research today; and rich in dinosaur elements of entertainment facilities will take us back to the modern, enjoy another wonderful entertainment. Here is the popular science education educational park, park, leisure health fashion to stimulate home, this is mysterious and real, modern and colorful dinosaur kingdom.

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