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The travel route

from:西峡县旅游局 | update:2013-10-13

2, the tour guide service 

Scenic tour guide service 60 yuan per group, the visitor center is provided with a guide service platform, to provide professional services to the tourists and tour before the line on. The ropeway, next station all tour guide personnel. The main attractions are scenic spot at the top of each broadcast, to explain the attraction of tourists, cultural, natural and cultural attractions characteristics etc.. 

3, the transportation of the scene 

Scenic area east gate entrance to old range of about 3 km Mountain Resort, visitors to the Mountain Resort parking lot, can choose to ride scenic sightseeing bus (10 yuan / person) or self driving to the old ridge scenic area (about 1 km).

Arrive at the scenic area visitors can choose to walk (one and a half hour) or sightseeing cableway.

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