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Cableway ride.

from:西峡县旅游局 | update:2013-10-13

1, height less than 1.3M children should be adults accompanying travel cableway; 

2, the car smoking, frolic and throwed out waste materials; 

3, do not bring pets and flammable, explosive and corrosive, irritant odor items on the train; 

4, for those with hypertension, heart disease is not suitable for the elderly passengers climb, do not recommend a cableway; 

5, in the operation should not open the door, the body will not be out of the carriage; 

6, without the written approval of station master, passengers will be allowed to enter the driving machine station and control room. Do not allow any to operate passenger ropeway; 

7, cableway operation, such as the midway parking or other failures occur, do not panic, to obey the command staff; Observe public order 

8, consciousness, obey the command staff, turn into the station no hard or grab, prohibited from export import; 

9, prohibit photography on the platform and stay; 

10, passengers are prohibited from doing hanging box through the driving wheel and the return wheel.

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