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from:西峡县旅游局 | update:2013-10-13

1, hypertension, heart disease and not suitable for climbing tourists, do not climb. 

2, wearing a high permeability, comfortable walking shoes, friction large climbing shoes. 

3, walk not viewing, viewing and don't walk. 

4, please follow the mountaineers counterparts, do not privately action. 

5, the mountain on the way if you feel unwell, please inform the staff. 

6, pay attention to the forest fire, it is prohibited to carry kindling up the hill. 

7, protect the natural environment, without destroying the landscape resources; maintenance of scenic environment clean and tidy, please put the garbage into the garbage basket. 

8, pay attention to their own travel safety, do not climb a rock; keep your money; to travel along the specified path; the thunderstorm weather do not under a tree in the rain.

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