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Notice to visitors

from:西峡县旅游局 | update:2013-10-13

Dear visitors: hello! 

Welcome to Henan Xixia Funiu mountain old range? Dinosaur Relics Park tourism area, in order to make you enjoy travel and visit, please pay attention to the following matters during the tour: A scenic area, admission tickets, one person one vote (not reuse). 

Two, scenic area advocate civilized behavior, do not spitting, littering the uncivilized behavior; prohibit the destruction of property, fight affray, defiance and affray, theft and other illegal and criminal behavior. 

The rules and regulations of three, please observe the scenic spots, take good care of the elderly and children. 

Four, please in the course of play, look after and take good care of your belongings, inconvenient carrying non valuables to the storage depositories. 

Five, please caution! Warning, comply with the order in the tour, please don't climb, climb the security fence; please do not crowded around, up and down steps, to be circumspect. 

Six, do not carry inflammable and explosive dangerous goods into the area, it is strictly prohibited to barbecue, in the area of lighting bonfires, fireworks etc. the use of fire behavior. 

Seven, please protect scenic resources, scenic spots, cultural relics prohibited the damage, tour facilities; no flowers. 

Eight, please enter the scenic area of vehicle driving routes in accordance with the regulations, please consciously abide by the provisions of parking management area. Nine, in the scenic area tourist service have opinions and suggestions, you are welcome to put forward. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Scenic complaints Tel: 0377-60109999, 0377-69915766 

Scenic Tel: 0377-69778999, 0377-69915766, 0377-69663116 

Scenic spot emergency telephone: 0377-69663116, 18237781909

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